About our first Oxamii generator

Mark Yates

After spending ten years working on big, utility-scale energy projects around Australia, Mark was yearning to return to his hometown of Renmark. After looking at ways to generate income locally, Mark noticed that a lot of land in the Riverland, once heavily irrigated, had now become barren due to the water restrictions and the selling off of water entitlements. This birthed ideas as how to re-activate the land with the most exciting being the building of small-scale solar farms on land once used to grow citrus crops, thus enabling land owners to earn income from selling electricity into the wholesale market.

Why Mark Joined "The People’s Grid"

We at Oxamii met Mark as a perfect time; he was scaling his solar farm footprint and - ever the entrepreneur - we trying to find ways in which to have all the clean, green energy benefit his local community more. Which is exactly what Oxamii is all about. Mark immediately recognised the opportunity and was happy to become our first Generator partner on The People’s Grid. The benefit to Mark is that, rather than selling the electricity generated into the wholesale market - which is variable and sometime earns negative returns - he can now have a stable income. The benefit to Renmark and the surrounding community is that residents and local businesses can buy directly from Mark - through Oxamii - thus creating a lasting and sustainable relationship. When you buy your electricity through The People’s Grid, Mark gets paid directly and as he is a local, he is going to spend his money in the local community. Mark calls this “the circular economy” and it was one of his motivations for developing local energy projects. We say “Good on you Mark!"

About Mark’s solar farm

Mark's solar farm is located in Renmark, South Australia; a town with a population of 4,600 people. Situated 260 KM from Adelaide and nestled within the beautiful Murray River valley, Renmark is popular for water sports and award-winning wineries. The solar farm itself is 200 KW in size and comprises of 800+ panels. It takes around two weeks to construct a solar farm of this size and uses around one acre of land once completed. The solar farm will produce around 380,000 kwh of electricity which is the equivalent of powering 30 households for a year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we believe in a sustainable energy future and so all generators on the Oxamii platform will come from renewable sources.

You will require a smart meter. If you don’t have one, our retail partner can install one. Additional hardware is optional, that would allow a customer to view their energy data in real time.

No, your electricity bill is made up of energy costs, network costs, government charges, environmental charges and retailer margins. Generators will get paid the portion that makes up energy costs.

The Oxamii matching algorithm intelligently calculates how much energy a generator has sold to a customer and at what rate. Oxamii handles all of the billing and each month the generator gets paid for energy generated and sold to the customer.

Signup is easy and only takes a few minutes. To get started click here.

You will be billed monthly.

Yes. Our retail partner Energy Locals pays a very generous feed in tariff. Check out the rates. In the future you will also have the option to sell your excess energy to your community or even donate it to a charity.

Oxamii is not a licensed retailer. The retailer and provider of energy to customers of The People’s Grid is Energy Locals Pty Ltd ACN 606 408 879

The Oxamii Marketplace allows small scale energy generators to promote their project to customers and sell their generated electricity at a fixed rate. Customers have the opportunity to select who they buy their energy from, knowing that the energy they buy comes from a local generator.

Up to this point, there hasn’t been a business model that supports small scale energy generators. This means the only option was to sell into the wholesale market. The problem with this is the variable price they receive plus the difficulty and uncertainty of not having a customer buying their energy. The Oxamii platform changes this, by creating a one stop shop for generators enabling them to attract retail customers and sell energy to them.

No problem, just like any other retailer you will need to let us know the date you are moving and your new location. All generator preferences and rates will remain the same.

When a generator can’t supply electricity our retail partner Energy Locals will supply electricity at the standard retail rate. On the bill, there will be 2 rates. One is a “matched rate” with generator the customer has preferenced, the other is “Other rate” which is the rate that is supplied by Energy Locals.

Yes, even on cloudy days or at night you will be supplied electricity. Our retail partner Energy Locals will supply any shortfall electricity at their standard rate so you can be guaranteed you will be supplied electricity 24 hours a day.

Oxamii is an Australian first Energy Marketplace called The People’s Grid where you can buy renewable energy directly from small scale generators in your community.

Our retail energy platform enables consumers both residential and small business to select a preferred renewable energy generator whose values and rate structure provides a win, win for both the environment and the hip pocket. Oxamii is aiming to become the true “People’s Grid” putting the customer back in control when it comes to making sure that the energy you purchase, meets all your moral, ethical and financial requirements.

We have just launched to customers in South Australia. Oxamii plans to roll out The People’s Grid to customers in other states in the near future.

The answer is yes. When more solar farms join The People’s Grid, you will be able to buy your energy from them. In the meantime, you can buy your energy from Mark’s solar farm.