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This is how it works

Step 1

Browse Generators on the Oxamii Platform.

Step 2

Select your preferred Generator.

Step 3

Choose up to 5 other Generators if your preferred Generator can’t supply.

Step 4

Sign up online. Switching from your current retailer is easy.

Benefits of Oxamii


Customers can select energy generators who align with their values, who are in their community, whom they have a connection to or share affinities with.


This is a new way for power to become more transparent. More local. More real. For the first time you can put a face to your energy generation.


Small scale generators can unlock the potential of selling energy directly to customers through a transparent marketplace and help to power their community into the future.


Customers can align themselves with local energy generators that they share common values with to make sure their community, it’s residents and business stay strong.