Channel Partners

Are you an energy specialist who can build solar farms or manage the construction of a solar farm? As an Oxamii Channel Partner you earn money for every kilowatt sold from generators on our platform.

We need you!

There are thousands of landowners across the country that want to become energy generators but don’t know how. We are looking for partners who can assist.

Steps to become a Channel Partner

Talk to us

Talk to the Oxamii team to find out how to become a Channel Partner


We only work with the best in the industry. To qualify as a Channel Partner requires an accreditation.

Oxamii Partner

Once a partner is accredited, we provide leads and assist in promoting your business.

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Earn residual income

Your expertise should be rewarded.

Your earning potential shouldn’t stop once you have built a project. You worked hard to bring a project to market, so you should be rewarded. When a customer buys energy from a generator on the Oxamii Platform, you earn income for every kilowatt that is generated

"As a Channel Partner with Oxamii I receive revenue for every kilowatt my generators earn."

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Benefits of becoming a Chanel Partner

Benefit A

The more projects you build, the more residual income you earn.

Benefit B

You receive income for the life of the project.

Benefit C

Oxamii handles all payments and provides a Dashboard for visibility over the income you earn.

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