Oxamii is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of locally owned renewable energy.

Our Vision

The future of energy is renewable and community-owned. 

Oxamii supports this future by linking renewable generators with energy customers.

Oxamii's extensive monitoring, billing and analytics platform does the heavy lifting.


A farmer wants to build a solar farm, but needs a reliable customer to make the project financially viable.

They want options to procure their energy directly from local generators.


A small business wants to buy clean, locally generated energy to support their community.

How it works

The Oxamii Platform

Rather than take the financial risk of building the solar farm first, the farmer can market their project on the Oxamii platform and attract potential customers.

Long term

Fixed price

Customers select a generator to purchase clean energy from, entering into a contract  to buy from the selected generator.

$$ PPA

Oxamii's powerful platform monitors energy flows, calculates bills and manages loads. Oxamii is the helpful middle-man that takes the stress and uncertainty out of buying and selling local renewable energy.

Every new customer helps create more renewable power

Traceable renewable energy 

Real-time energy usage data to understand costs

The ability to lock in long term pricing

Purchase locally generated energy at great $$ rates

Benefits for Local Energy Buyers

For generators, having a long-term contract is vital to access finance. Oxamii helps prospective renewable generators find customers for their energy, who commit by signing a power purchase agreement. Generators can then literally take this contract to the bank, which allows the project to be funded. The Oxamii platform provides a complete energy management and billing solution, taking the complexity, stress and risk out of managing a renewable power plant.

Grow your energy business

Energy management and billing solution

Long-term PPA enables the project to be funded & built

Promote your renewable project to find customers

Benefits for Local Renewable Generators


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