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    Mark Yates, Renmark SA

Where your energy comes from should be a simple choice you make.

At Oxamii, our goal is to help Australia's energy be green and locally owned.

For the first time, you can buy energy directly from local, renewable power producers.

This is the people's grid. Energy, by the people, for the people.

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Finally a way to buy energy from your community!
Oxamii supports local energy through The People's Grid, where for the first time households and small businesses can buy energy directly from local, renewable power producers like Mark.
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Real People

Real Stories

Put a face to your energy and hear Mark's story.

Mark runs Yates Electrical Services, a business he started in 2004. From humble beginnings based out of a smal office at the back of a workshop barely big enough to crack a whip, Mark has forged his business into what is now one of Australia's most innovative and progressive rural renewable energy companies, employing over 50 local people.

This is your choice.

Local, decentralised renewable energy.
The people's grid lets you buy from people like Mark.
When you are consuming energy from the grid and mark's solar farm is generating electricity, Oxamii will match your usage with his solar farm.

If you can generate energy locally and sell that energy locally, you can create a circular economy

Mark Yates

Oxamii is pioneering a new way to purchase energy. Our proprietary energy matching algorithm uses real-time data to virtually connect you to local generators and track every kilowatt-hour back to the source.

I like the idea that we can support support local energy.

Oxamii customers Olivia and Michael visiting the solar farm that supplies their house with electricity.

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The more people who join, the more local energy that can be built.
Solar energy is now the cheapest form of electricity. This means that the community can be involved in energy production. Local ownership, local consumption.
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Renewable energy from local generators.

Know exactly where your electricity is coming from.

Guaranteed supply of electricity 24hrs a day.

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