We are an energy provider...

...built from a community of local renewable generators.

We believe you should have the power of choice.

Oxamii connects you to generators in your community so you can buy renewable energy directly. This way you know exactly where and who your energy comes from.

You can’t say the same for big energy.

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Renewable energy platform

Oxamii connects renewable energy generators with customers in their community looking to buy their power from clean, local sources.

How it Works

About Oxamii

Oxamii is pioneering a new way to purchase energy. Our proprietary energy matching algorithm uses real-time data to virtually connect you to local generators and track every kilowatt-hour back to the source.

Renewable energy from local generators.

Know exactly where your electricity is coming from.

Guaranteed supply of electricity 24hrs a day.

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The Oxamii way

Oxamii is paving the way for the renewable energy revolution. This is clean, local, renewable energy directly from generators in your community who share your values and with whom you can connect.

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